Difference Between Space And Time

How true is the theory about Time and Space? Space and Time are not equal. The latter does not have any relation with gravity.

Space Travel by Arthur C Clarke is considered one of the most outstanding science books ever written. In this book, Clarke introduces the readers to his new theory about Space and Time. Space, as we know it, only exists in the mind of a person. On the other hand, Time seems to be a part of our lives that cannot be taken away. But how true is this theory about Time and Space? What is Space-Time?

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Space is nothing more than empty space. 

The idea behind this is quite simple, and it is fascinating to the readers. According to this theory, if people were to work in zero gravity, they would eventually work on their tasks as if they were on Earth. In other words, they would feel all the same things as someone who is actually on Earth. This theory also states that if the laws of physics were changed, there would be a significant shift in the universe, resulting in another Space Race.

Space and Time are not equal. 

The latter does not have any relation with gravity. Space and Time are actually different concepts. If we want to travel faster than the speed of light, then it is necessary for us to consider the effect of gravity with reference to Time. But when we talk about the working of the universe, it should be clearly understood that both space and Time have their own significance. Therefore, there is absolutely no relation between the two concepts.

It was believed a few decades back that if the gravitation around a planet is altered, it can produce ripples in the gravitational field of other planets. However, this theory did not hold well over the years. Scientists had to abandon the idea of altering gravity so that a person could work on another planet. Although various theories can be used for the purpose of creating space travel, none of them has been found effective yet. It is because there is yet to be a method that can alter the gravitational field of other planets.

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There are various ways by which people can work on space vehicles. 

However, people have to understand that in order to work in such a way that will enable them to travel faster than the speed of light, it will require a solid craft. It means that a person cannot rely on any technical assistance in such a case. People need to take full responsibility for the working of their craft. They should design it in such a way that it will enable them to work within the realms of spacetime.

There have been various ideas that people use while constructing their vehicles. However, most of them prove to be relatively unsuccessful. People need to select their vehicles carefully according to the kind of materials that will allow them to travel faster than the speed of light. Once people have successfully constructed such vehicles, they need to ensure that they take total care of them in order to allow them to travel faster.

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Time and space are two different things 

Although people often tend to confuse the two. However, there is more than one way by which you can view both of these things. In the past, many scientists believed strongly that Time was a separate dimension. In other words, we live in a different time zone as compared to the future. However, with the help of various tools and devices, scientists have managed to create mirrors that allow people to view Time at different times in the future as well as in the present.

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People need to understand that every individual has a different time zone. Therefore, no single device or tool works in all the different times of the world. Mirrors are the only devices that enable people to view Time and travel faster. It is possible since a mirror is able to change the reflection in any direction.

Human beings are a crucial part of our ecosystem and are directly impacted by pollution, resource depletion, and climate change. This means that we must address the issue of environmental sustainability while minimizing the negative effects of current technologies. But what are the effects of science and technology on society and environment? And how can we mitigate the consequences of these technologies? How can we make society and environment more sustainable?

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