Most Successful Living Organism – That Can Outlast Humans

Have you ever thought about what is the most successful living organism that can outlast humans? It's got to be alive, right?

 Have you ever thought about what’s the most successful living organism that can outlast humans? It’s got to be alive, right? Think about it. People, animals, and even plants all outlast us. So why can’t our microbial life outlast us as well?

 Well, for one thing, we’re awfully short on patience. As humans, we’re always doing lots of stuff. And the one’s things that we do the most of are those that require the most energy to perform. So when we’re not walking our Earth, we’re busy living our lives in outer space.

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 If it’s alive, it must be living. And it will outlast us because it requires fewer resources to reproduce, also doesn’t need its host to reproduce; It can reproduce itself. It can duplicate its cells, and it can replicate itself and its genome.

 Now then, what is the most Successful Living Organism that can outlast humans? It’s got to be a microbial life form. That’s right, I said it. It can outlast us all by performing an important function, which is to recycle our waste products. Without them, it would be tough for us to continue.

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How is it possible for any microbe to survive in this world?

Well, some microbial life forms are so well designed to perform their life functions that they’re able to tolerate virtually every kind of environmental stress that we put them through. Some examples of these include extreme heat, extreme cold, severe chemical pollution, and many other types of pollution.

 In fact, the ocean has been so over-farmed with all sorts of junk and waste that it’s starting to die off. That’s not good news for us or the planet. Then there are bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli. These bacteria are all good for us as well as the planet because they kill off harmful microorganisms. They can also provide antibiotics to help treat disease.

 There are viruses such as HIV and AIDS and even the recently discovered swine flu. All these microbes are nasty for us because they attack healthy tissues. Also, viruses tend to get a hold of things quickly. At the same time, some of the microbes can develop a resistance to certain viruses over time. They can build vast colonies of bacteria that can outlast us and protect them from the harmful effects of various viruses and other microbes.

 One more group of successful living organisms that might surprise you is that some animals outlive us. Among these incredible species are the black bear, the blue whale, and the Asian black bear. Yes, they do exist, and they live in the far reaches of the northern woods in Asia. It seems they can’t outlive the species that ate them! So this is another reason to try being green in your life by learning more about the most successful life forms on Earth.

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 The next group of organisms worthy of your attention is microbial life forms that we cannot see with the naked eye. We have bacteria in our digestive tracts, but what about the microorganisms present in our mucus membranes? These microbial colonies live in the lungs, the gut, reproductive systems, and skin. They are essential for us because without these microscopic pioneers; we would not be able to survive.

 There is a third type of successful living organism that is much less known than the others. These microbes are called archosymbacteria, and they can outlive us by several thousand years. It is because they can cause us a lot of problems. Examples of these include chronic bronchitis, chronic coughs, asthma, and even tuberculosis.

 The fact is that no one species is longer living longer on Earth than another. We are all living in an ever-evolving environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that microbial species are becoming much more widespread than previously believed.

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 In order to answer the question “what is the most successful living organism that can outlast humans?” the focus must be on how we can protect ourselves from these threats. With the proper education and protection, we can live much longer than anyone realizes.

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